IWSP-2017 | International Workshop on Surface Physics

Invited Speakers

  • Claudia Draxl (Berlin, Germany): Light-matter interaction at surfaces and interfaces explored by ab initio spectrocopy

  • James Evans (Ames, Iowa, USA): Predictive atomistic-level modeling of diffusion-mediated self-assembly and catalytic reaction processes on surfaces

  • Michael Gottfried (Marburg, Germany): Surface science of reactive aromatic molecules

  • Matthias Hengsberger (Zurich, Switzerland): From attoseconds to picoseconds - dynamics in surfaces studied by photoemission

  • Robert Kucharczyk (Wrocław, Poland): Self-assembly and surface alloying of group-14 elements on Ru(0001)

  • Sander Otte (Delft, The Netherlands): Probing emergent phenomena through large-scale atom manipulation

  • Elsebeth Schröder (Gothenburg, Sweden): Molecular binding and adsorption: van der Waals density functional study

  • Yuri Suchorski (Vienna, Austria): Metal-oxide boundary effects in oxide- supported model catalysts

  • Michael Tringides (Ames, Iowa, USA): Metal growth on graphene: morphology and intercalation (special honorary lecture related to Ted Madey Award of the AVS)

  • Thorsten Wagner (Linz, Austria): In-situ studies of organic expitaxy

  • Ryszard Zdyb (Lublin, Poland): Rashba effect in one-dimensional structures on silicon surfaces